Our Gallery

In April of 1987, George and Elaine Carpenter opened The Cottage Shoppe at 262 Main Street in Placerville. After retiring from the janitorial supply business in southern California, George was looking for a hobby to keep him busy. He and Elaine agreed that opening a retail gift shop on Main Street would keep them busy enough.

At that time, Thomas Kinkade was attending George and Elaine’s local church. Thom soon found out about The Cottage Shoppe and introduced his work to George who saw great potential.

Excited about the opportunity, George began selling Kinkade originals for a few hundred dollars each. Business was picking up and Thom and George decided it would be in Thom’s best interest to start publishing his work.

By April of 1990 George and Elaine opened the Thomas Kinkade Gallery upstairs from The Cottage Shoppe. Business continued to grow rapidly. Lightpost Publishing (Thomas Kinkade’s publishing company at the time) was beginning to expand and the Signature Gallery concept was created requiring Kinkade dealers to sell Thomas Kinkade exclusively. In 1993 The Cottage Shoppe moved out and the 7,000 square foot building became the original and largest Thomas Kinkade gallery in the world and remains so today.

The Original Thomas Kinkade Gallery in Placerville meets people from around the world who have been fans for years and also enjoys introducing others to Kinkade’s works for the first time. At the Original Thomas Kinkade Gallery we pride ourselves on our vast inventory, but more importantly, our friendly and knowledgeable art consultants.

Within our 7,000 square feet of retail space you will find a 2,000 square foot gift gallery which includes plates, mugs, inspirational prints, throws, ornaments, bookmarks, calendars, etc. Limited Edition paper prints and our exclusive Placerville Prints can be found here as well.

Our clients never feel pressure to buy anything because our consultants do not work for commission. They work for you.

To all of you, from all of us at The Original Thomas Kinkade Gallery – Thank you and Happy Shopping